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Vintage Contact Sheet Photo

Vintage Contact Sheet Photo

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She definitely seems to be dressed to impress for her photo session!

This photo is from a contact sheet. This was where the photographer would lay negatives on the sheet and then expose them to light. All of these photos would be small, such as this one, and numbered. Then, whomever was in charge of choosing, such as the customer, photographer or editor, would designate which pictures were to be developed further. The negatives would then be exposed through an enlarger for the final full size print. 

In our lovely photo, numbered 253D, our dear lady seems to have been treated to a full make-over prior to her picture being taken. She is wearing lipstick, looks to have her cheeks blushed and her hair is done up stylishly. 

The photo measures 1-3/4 inches high by 1-1/16 inch wide (44 mm by 27 mm). We believe that this picture comes to us from the 1940s or 1950s.

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