Vintage Copper Ashtray Charm
Vintage Copper Ashtray Charm

Vintage Copper Ashtray Charm

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Our vintage copper plated ash tray charm is just what you need for an anti-smoking (or pro-smoking, if you prefer) project. It was made and sold in the 1950s to add to a kid's charm bracelet. Can you imagine?!

We've seen these around, but they are hard to find. It's unusual to find smoking items today. Also, they're made of metal, rather than plastic. This is old store stock and shows some wear, but we think that makes it ever that much more special.

The ashtray, including the hanging loop measures 13/16 inch. Without the loop, it is 11/16 inch in diameter. The depth is about 1/8 inch.

You might also use this in a doll house, if your dolls or their friends smoke! Just snip off the hanging loop or fold it under with some pliers.

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