Vintage Credit Memos - Package of 3 Sets (6 Sheets Total)
Vintage Credit Memos

Vintage Credit Memos - Package of 3 Sets (6 Sheets Total)

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This vintage Rediform 7K 786 Credit memo was perfect in the days of accounting on paper. Today, everything seems to be generated on computer, whether or not it is electronic or on paper (printed). Not so long ago, people wrote things in.

Each set of Credit Memos consists of one faded pink sheet and one faded green sheet with the same serial number printed on each. We're assuming that carbon paper was used between the sheets so that the seller received one copy and the buyer the other.

It reads:


There are places to write the customer's name, the salesman's name, invoice number, terms and all the other accounting details.

Each package contains 3 sets of Credit Memos (1 pink, 1 green) with matching numbers within each set.

  • Height: 5-1/2 inches
  • Width: 7-7/8 inches

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