Vintage Dennison Coin Mailing Card No. 4 (White)
Vintage Dennison Coin Mailing Card No. 4 (White)

Vintage Dennison Coin Mailing Card No. 4 (White)

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They must have been simpler times, indeed, when coins could be easily mailed with no threat of pilfering. These once white coin cards were used for paying for merchandise through the mail. Many people did not have checking accounts - indeed, some did not trust banks - some still don't. The Dennison company was well known for making this type of utilitarian item. The address area includes Zip Code, so that should help identify the era.

The card measures 5 inches by 3-1/4 inches (with the flap closed). The coin holder is made of cardboard and the backing and flap are made of sturdy paper.

This is labeled COIN MAILING CARD NO. 4 and it was created to send up to US$1.70 There are 7 openings:

* 1 half-dollar slot
* 2 quarter slots
* 2 dime or penny slots
* 2 quarter or nickel slots

The blank top was available for advertising or a rubber-stamped company name. The instructions are beneath the coin circles:


The flap covers the coins. Of course the coin card makes a great collectible, or use it for its purpose. But, you might also want to alter it and use each of the circles as a frame for a thought or a  photo or what have you?

We're showing 2 cards to illustrate the cover and the inside. These are in great condition, having never been used. They have faded into a nicer eggshell color with age.

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