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Vintage Dennison Double Heart Valentine Seals - Package of 12+

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How great it would have been to receive a letter on Feb. 14th sealed shut with one of these double hearts. All the more special if it had been sprayed with a little perfume as well.

This small pack reads:

Dennison U.S.A.

The package includes a clear plastic window in which you can see the double heart seals within. As can be seen in our photos, one side is open. It seems that someone has taken the liberty of over filling this pack of seals. To protect the seals, as they are vintage, we only performed a cursory count which was about 20.

The double heart seals measures about 2 inches wide by 1-1/4 inch high.

Due to their age, we suggest you test the gummed seals before wetting them - or, to be safe, use an additional adhesive of your own. We use a damp sponge to moisten our vintage stickers, thinking it better not to lick them.

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