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Vintage Dinosaur Pin Back Button

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* Unknown Origin, Probably Made in Hong Kong
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Do all kids (including the adult-type) love dinosaurs? I know that all of us at SilverCrow do. Including the dogs, but they just want the enormous bones I believe.

These vintage pins each come with a colorful image of a dinosaur. The available dinos are:
  • Brachiosaurus (Formerly referred to as Brontosaurus.)
  • Kentrosaurus (Not as well known because it was not included in the Jurassic Park movies.)
  • Pterodactyl (What would you put in a bird feeder for one of these?)
  • Stegosaurus (Sorry to disappoint, but it is no longer believed to have had a second brain in its hips.)
  • Triceratops (A matador's worst nightmare.)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (The Elvis (king) of the dino world.)
Each pin measures 15/16 inch in diameter.

These pins are vintage novelties. They are in great condition for their age as novelties go.


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