Vintage Disney's Pluto the Dog Novelty Pin Back Button

Vintage Disney's Pluto the Dog Novelty Pin Back Button

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* Unknown Origin, Probably Made in Hong Kong
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Pluto the Pup made his first appearance (uncredited) in the Walt Disney cartoon, The Chain Gang - way back in 1930. To celebrate his 50th birthday, this button pin was created!

It even bears the copyright, stamped into the metal bezel (not printed):


This pinback button is old store stock, never having been used. From an old warehouse in Brooklyn, poor Pluto's pins were never distributed.

The image has been transferred or printed on a metal cabochon disk and then held by 4 folded prongs. It's amazing that the pin has made it through so many years. Please be careful if you choose to remove the cabochon as the prongs may break when unfolded. The pin on the back is sturdy: not glued but riveted.

This is the last Pluto pin that we have. It shows some wear, so we've priced it lower. The photo is of the exact pin you will receive.

Because these are unmarked with the origin, in today's world, they would have been made in the USA. But we have seen many of these pins and most were produced in Hong Kong.

It measures about 7/8 inch high by 5/8 inch wide.


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