Vintage Ektachrome Slides - Package of 2
Vintage Ektachrome Slides - Package of 2

Vintage Ektachrome Slides - Package of 2

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Back in the 1950s and 1960s, many an evening was spent with family watching vacation slides. For some this was boring, for others, sentimental. Most keepsake photos have now been moved to more modern media and slides have slipped into history for the most part.

We have acquired a selection of slides, most from the same studio and most of landscapes and buildings (although a few of people and animals are in the group). The two in the picture are representative of the lot, but each grouping is different. Most read on the border:

Brown Photo Co.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Some have numbers scribbled in the corners and others have words written on the frames.

We think these are great, not only for the conversations they may start, but for the artistic possibilities for your artwork! Slides, by their nature, are transparent, so they lend themselves nicely to collage and assemblage . They are also small, so they might prove to be just what you need for that special collaged jewelry piece.

You might even want to write a story about your fantasy vacation, using these to document the time!

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