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Vintage Flat Putz Green Christmas Tree

Vintage Flat Putz Green Christmas Tree

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You probably already know that we've seen lots and lots of vintage stuff. Especially Christmas decorations and craft supplies. This tree is really different.

The tree itself is made of a material that feels like paper but looks like chenille (pipe cleaner). There is some snow-frosting on the tree. Each has one or more red Christmas balls on it. Some have indentations where the balls are missing. On others, there are not. We think that it doesn't detract from the little tree. The decorations appear to be clear glass spheres washed with transparent read dye or paint.

The trunk is hand painted brown paper that seems to be wrapped around a wooden column. It's hard to tell what is underneath and we certainly don't want to take one apart to find out.

The base is several layers of pressed cardboard, painted white with tiny mica glitter added for a little sparkle.

The entire piece (including the base) is about 3-1/8 inches tall by about 1-3/4 inch wide.

We suspect these to be made in Japan, or less likely, Germany.

We only have a few and we're pretty sure that we'll never find any others like these. We've even sold a few just by talking about them! Each is slightly different. So please let us choose one for you.

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