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Vintage Fortune Tickets - Packet of 3
Vintage Fortune Tickets - Packet of 3

Vintage Fortune Tickets - Packet of 3

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We know these tickets are still made today. But finding ones like these is quite difficult. These little fortune numbers were designed to be used for a raffle or drawing. After all of the tickets were sold, then an official would draw a number from a hat, barrel or drum. And the winning number (hopefully 411 in this case) would take the prize.

The tickets are designed with a lot number on the back. This lot is labeled

Union Made
Made in USA

On the front is a fortune. This one reads:

You have astounding
good health and high

Once the front is opened (by tearing), the winning (alas, or, losing) number appears. This one is 411. And, just so mistakes aren't made or ne'er-do-well patrons aren't tempted to alter the tickets, the word for each digit is printed over the digit. (four one one).

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