Vintage Fortune Tickets - Packet of 3
Vintage Fortune Tickets - Packet of 3

Vintage Fortune Tickets - Packet of 3

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We know these tickets are still made today. But finding ones like these is quite difficult.

These little fortune numbers were designed to be used for a raffle or drawing. After all of the tickets were sold, then an official would draw a ticket from a hat, barrel or drum.

Here the winning number is 19 (see the second photo).

The tickets are designed with a lot number on the back. This lot is labeled. On the front is a fortune!

Union Made
Made in USA

On the front is a fortune with a tear-away strip.

Once the front is opened (by tearing), the winning (alas, or, losing) number appears.

There are a bunch of fortune tickets just like these - the messages vary. This one is 19. And, just so mistakes aren't made or ne'er-do-well patrons aren't tempted to alter the tickets, the word for each digit is printed over the digit.

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