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Vintage Glass Intaglio Cabochon - Belmont Race Ticket

Vintage Glass Intaglio Cabochon - Belmont Race Ticket

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Created using a ticket from the Belmont racetrack in New York, this cool little cabochon measures 1-1/8 inch by 7/8 inch and it's about 1/8 thick. Each preserves an image of a ticket for the 7th race for the strangely named horse, ZzCUM. These are old stock intaglio cabochons that have never been used. The one in the illustration is in perfect condition. However, many of these show some wear. You might want to reinforce the back (bottom) of the stone before you use it in your artwork. We like the shabby chic look of the missing pieces of the ticket. Each one reads:

BELMONT 410 100 100 100 ZzCUM ONE 1 1 ONE SEVENTH (7) RACE 7 MAY 55

Around the edges, it reads:


on either side.

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