Vintage Gold Woven Spiral Wire by the Inch
Vintage Gold Woven Spiral Wire by the Inch

Vintage Gold Woven Spiral Wire by the Inch

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Treasured family Christmas ornaments have become sought after heirlooms - even for those who might not have had any as children. They are quite rare because of their fragility and ephemeral quality. Many were made for the fashion of the time, never expected to last over 100 years.

Even more treasured are the vintage and antique components from which the ornaments were made. We are so fortunate to have found this wonderful example of such a component - and such a unique one at that.

Our golden spiral wire is created from a tough tread that has been covered with woven metallic fibers and then formed into a spiral. The metallic fibre creates a wire-like structure that allows for some give in the spiral. This truly special piece might also be used for passementerie and other projects requiring metal fibers.

It offers a nice patina, showing its age. We gauge this spiral to hail from the 1920s or 1930s. Indeed, it just might be older than that.

The base thread allows you to manipulate this into circles around ornaments, boxes, appliqués and more. It is quite a treasure.

The woven metallic is about 1mm in diameter. The spiraled piece is 9mm or just under 3/8 inch wide.

The spiral is sold by the inch. Your selection will arrive all in one piece, which can be cut with scissors. However, it cannot be re-pieced easily without gluing or sewing, so please measure carefully for your project.

The wire is tightly coiled, so you get a lot in 1 inch!

Cut to order items are not returnable.

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