Vintage Hand-Made Copper Ring
Vintage Hand-Made Copper Ring

Vintage Hand-Made Copper Ring

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Use one of these vintage hand made soldered copper rings to encircle a secret missive on parchment, or for a doll napkin holder, or even for a ring to wear.

This natural copper ring measures about 15/16 in diameter and is about 1/16 thick. There may be a slight variation in size. Most are approximately a size 7-1/2. They are not malleable, so you won't be able to change the shape or stretch the ring easily.

We are not quite sure of their original intention, but we're quite sure they're useful. Each is rough hewn and some are not accurate circles. They have not been finished or coated and have begun acquiring their own rich patina - as only true copper can. The soldered closure and other work is rough, but the ring itself is quite smooth.

A sample of 3 rings is shown for illustration.

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