Vintage Handmade Basket Created from Christmas Cards
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Vintage Handmade Basket Created from Christmas Cards

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Oh, how we adore these! We actually had made one or two years and years ago when we were little kids (of course Mom did most of the work!). This is the ultimate recycling - and even a great project for kids today. Cards contemporary with the creator were cut to size and then stitched together (usually by crochet were) with cord, yarn or ribbon. An endless variety of cards made the patterns quite festive for year round use.

Two of these have plain cardboard bases, while the other two boast a cardboard covered with gift wrap.

Of course, each one of our baskets are different. Each is about 8 inches in diameter at the top and the sides are approximately 3 inches high.

Although these are quite usable, please be careful with yours. Please do not use for food. These are made of vintage, old paper and thread, after all!

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