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Vintage Handmade Moon and Stars Necklace

Vintage Handmade Moon and Stars Necklace

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Unknown Origin
Perfect for a moonlit night, be it casual or formal, this splendid vintage necklace was handmade at a small studio known for its unique designs. This is a discontinued necklace. It might even be one of a kind - we're not sure.

The pendant is light brass featuring an old man in the moon on a night background of dark bluish green enamel. There are sweet stars with tiny crystals surrounded with engraved rays showing off their shine. The links closest to the pendant are tiny smiling moons. The golden brass chain is about 16 inches long. With the pendant, the entire piece measures about 18 inches. Even the other links are etched for a special touch.

The hallmarked heart near the clasp bears the name of the studio,
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