Vintage Hard Plastic Halloween Devil Charm
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Vintage Hard Plastic Halloween Devil Charm

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From head to tail, this guy is dressed to kill. Just look at that suit!

These wonderful hard plastic devil charms measure 2-3/8 inches tall not including the hanging loop (2-5/8 inches including the hanging loop). The detail is quite good in these circa-1950s charms.

Make some funky earrings or key rings - or use them for making party favors! Whatever you choose, they will be perfect for your scary Hallowe'en adornments.

These are vintage plastic charms. They are made of hard plastic. Even though charms similar to this are made today, the newer ones are made of a softer, more pliable plastic.

These were made as a novelty item in the mid-20th century. For that reason, not all charms may be perfect.

We are showing 2 devil charms in the picture so that you can see both colors. This listing is for 1 devil charm in your choice of either black or orange.

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