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Vintage Horseshoe-Shaped Tobacco Plug Tags

Vintage Horseshoe-Shaped Tobacco Plug Tags

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Vintage Item, Limited Availability

We bought these from someone who declared that her 97-year-old grandfather told her that his mother used to chew tobacco and she saved these horseshoe plug tags.

These tags were used around the early 1900s to mark plugs of tobacco - tobacco for chewing. Around that time, it was made by pressing cured tobacco leaves together in a molasses-based or other sweet syrup. This was a hand-on process. Customers would cut, or even bite off, a piece of the plug to chew.

Tags like these were used to identify the plug manufacturer. Although many such tags bore the name of the tobacco grower or producer, these do not. Most of these are quite rusty. The points bend under to attach them to the tobacco, or of course, to your project! Some of the points are bent backward already, so please be careful - the points are sharp!

We're showing lots of tags for illustration of the variation.

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