Vintage Illustrated Industrial Transparency
Several Transparencies

Vintage Illustrated Industrial Transparency

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Each of these transparencies was originally used by the US Air Force in presenting safety procedures and hazardous materials training to firefighters (then, firemen) in the 1950s. Most are copyrighted by Robert J. Brady in 1957.

Every one of these contains information industrial, commercial and home fire safety from the eyes of a professional or volunteer firefighter. Most have drawings and illustrations that were colored by hand with a special ink or permanent transparent overlay sheets.

These are from the sets that were developed for corporate and military fire training developed by the Robert J. Brady Company. Some of the transparencies have additional information that was added by the instructor in colored or white grease pencil. This can be removed with a bit of rubbing with a soft cloth. Our photographs show the transparent/clear parts of the slides as white.

Please be careful when removing anything from these transparencies by using a solvent or even water, as they are vintage and we're not sure how they will react.

We think this would be great for a collage, or a steampunk or altered art project. We'd venture to guess that there aren't too many of these around. Each one measures 10-1/4 inches by 8-1/4 inches. Every transparency is different. So, please let us choose one for you.

Several samples are shown for illustrative purposes only.

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