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Vintage Ken Maynard Trick Rope in Original Cellophane Package

Vintage Ken Maynard Trick Rope in Original Cellophane Package

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Made in USA


Vintage Item, Limited Availability

Believe it or not - this vintage Ken Maynard Toy TRICK ROPE is in its original cellophane package. It measures 11 inches wide and reads:

toy trick rope - with the patented embedded swivel

The packaging is original cellophane (not polypropylene like today's packaging) and it is quite brittle and has a few tears.

The display/instruction card and the rope are in excellent condition - with a fake autograph! Although patent number on the card is from the mid-1930s, we're guessing that the trick is from around 1940, based on how old Ken looks in the picture. With his white cowboy hat, fancy shirt and pair of six-shooters, Maynard appeared in more than 90 films from the 1920s to the mid-1940s before his career was ended by alcoholism.

Trick ropes were sold by a lot of cowboy movie stars around that time period and usually sell for $100 or more. This one is old store stock and was never used.

Not for children. This is a vintage item and should be treated as such. Please use adult supervision for use with children of any age.

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