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Vintage Lenticular Golf Gizmo - Triangle with Green Arrows

Vintage Lenticular Golf Gizmo - Triangle with Green Arrows

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Vintage Item - Limited Availability
We've always enjoyed lenticular (winky, blinky, flicker) images - especially the vintage ones. These are quite special vintage Vari-Vue triangles with moving arrows. Sometimes called flashers, flickers, wiggles or animated paper, our lenticulars are all cool, but this one is really neat. This Vari-Vue flicker (we think these are the best!) was made in 1967 and is still in excellent condition.

 Each is a triangle with a hole at the top - so it can be attached to a key chain or to any project easily. From the top an arrow swings like a pendulum back and forth. The image is so wonderful that it almost makes you dizzy watching the arrow! But the real use might just surprise you! We are told that this is a Golf Practice Gizmo. No fooling - that's the real name!

To make it work, insert your golf tee through the hole. Place the ball and then place your ball and your Gizmo on the ground in position for driving. If the arrows move, it measures your body sway. A stationary arrow indicates a steady swing.

 Each individual triangle measures approximately 2-1/2 inches by 2-1/2 inches. These are great fun for golfer who celebrate the history of the sport as well as the play. Whether used for golf or not, you'll find this to be mesmerizing.

Instructions are included.

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