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Vintage Lenticular Smiling-Kissing Lips

Vintage Lenticular Smiling-Kissing Lips

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Vintage Item - Limited Availability

We've always enjoyed lenticular (winky, blinky, flicker) images - especially the vintage ones. We were just so very excited when we found these vintage Vari-Vue lenticular lips that vary from a smile to a kiss!

Use them for your art dolls to ad a kitschy flavor to them. Or just collect them like we do! Lenticular images like these (3d composition screens) were made a bit differently during the mid part of the 20th century - providing what we think is a much better 3D image.

The colors of the printed image are amazingly vibrant considering that these winky lips are almost a half-century old!

Our sample photo doesn't do our lips justice - the variation is delightful as the smile turns to kiss, or, of course, the kiss changes to a smile!

See the second photo for measurement.

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