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Vintage Medicine Bottle with Pouring Spout and Cork

Vintage Medicine Bottle with Pouring Spout and Cork

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Made in USA


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How very delighted we were to have found a box full of these wonderful bottles.

Each measures 4-1/4 inches high by 1-3/4 inch wide and 7/8 inch from front to back.

The top lip boasts a spout. In fact, on the bottom of the bottle, the molded glass reads: NON DRIP REG USA and in a little pennant triangle logo, the company name: PERFCO.

The back of the bottle is softly rounded and the the front is flattened, so that you can easily apply a label, if you like. At the top of the label area are molded characters. reading: 3 I I

There were no corks in the bottles when we found them, but we thought we'd add one for a nice touch. You can certainly easily remove the cork, if you choose. These would be great for homemade concoctions, assemblage artwork or whatever your imagination provides. Consider adding beeswax or sealing wax to the cork for a medieval feel!

Please do not use for food or drink as we are not sure of the provenance of the bottle.

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