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Vintage Metal CLIMAX Lollilard Tobacco Tag

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From the estate of a famous collector, we have this really special tobacco tag from the now defunct Lorillard Tobacco Company. Lorillard was in business from 1760 through 2015.

Each lithographed tin tag was attached to a twist or plug of tobacco. These are from the early 20th century, probably from around 1910 or so.

The tag reads:

P. Lorrilard & Co

Around that time, a plug or twist was made by pressing cured tobacco leaves together in a molasses-based or other sweet syrup. This was a hand-on process. Customers would cut, or even bite off, a piece of the plug to chew. Our little tags were used to identify the plug manufacturer. These tags are in great used condition. Some of our tags have points that bend under to attach them to the tobacco, or of course, to your project!

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