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Vintage Miniature Dark Green Christmas Tree - Flocked or Unflocked
Flocked - Unflocked - Flocked

Vintage Miniature Dark Green Christmas Tree - Flocked or Unflocked

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Vintage Item, Limited Availability
O Tannenbaum...

Betrachten Sie einfach diesen wunderbaren Miniaturwiehnachtsbaum!

We now return to your regularly scheduled language.

Just look at this wonderful miniature Christmas tree (or evergreen tree, if you are creating a forest scene)!

We are not completely certain of what these trees are made. But, if you look closely at our second and third pictures, you will notice that they seem to leave little bits of green below them. Just like a real evergreen tree would. Amazing isn't it!

We have trees that are flocked (with snow) and unflocked (without snow). So no matter what your plans are, we have the tree for you.

Each tree measures about 1-7/8 inch high and about 1 inch in diameter at its widest.

Whether due to design, age, storage or other factor; no tree seems to be an exact replica of another. So please, let us choose one for you, of your desired option.

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