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Vintage Mint 1966 Circus Clown 5¢ Postage Stamp (USA)

Vintage Mint 1966 Circus Clown 5¢ Postage Stamp (USA)

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Made in USA


Vintage Item, Limited Availability

Oh! That we could mail a simple letter in the USA for only 5¢! But, we cannot! There has been an almost 90% increase in postage since this stamp was originally issued in 1966.

We've collected vintage postage stamps from the USA and around the world since the 1950s. What changes there have been - even in the printing. Although the commemorative stamps today are quite lovely, we are drawn to the older stamps that used process printing and even lithography so long ago.

This funny clown is just right for your circus project - even if it is the Circus of the Soul! Each stamp measures 1 inch wide by just over 1-1/2 inch high. perforations were torn evenly, not cut. Each stamp is packaged in a tiny clear plastic sleeve for safe-keeping.

And, wouldn't it be fun to use some of these stamps on your letter or card meant for a friend who is full of fun?

Stamps from this era, like this one, are gummed rather than self-stick. They were made with water-activated adhesive. If you choose to use this as a stamp (of course it is still good for postage in the USA), or for your artwork, we suggest that you use a sponge or other applicator to activate the adhesive as we do not know the entire provenance of these beauties.

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