Vintage Monopoly Token - Choose Your Favorite
Lots of Monopoly Tokens for Illustration

Vintage Monopoly Token - Choose Your Favorite

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A favorite of mine and many others, Monopoly has been around since 1903. Of course, when playing it sometimes feels as though the game has been going on for over 100 years as well. Everyone has a favorite piece when they play. This fact sometimes leads to arguments when multiple players wish to be the same one.

Now you can always be your first choice by purchasing one (or more) of our vintage tokens. 

Why stop at just using your token for games though, why not turn it into jewelry. This way you can show your love of the game off to everyone, no matter if you are playing or not.

We have a number of different tokens available and in many cases multiple looks to the same token. When purchasing, please first choose which token you wish to buy. Then select which option you wish to buy of that token.

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