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Vintage Paper Japanese Slipper Box

Vintage Paper Japanese Slipper Box

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This is a lovely paper box made by hand of golden accented navy yuzen chiyogami paper. It is from the very early 1990s or maybe even earlier. Only excellently crafted paper items like this last such a long time with little or no wear. It is in super fine condition.

I have not seen any box like this since then. But maybe you've seen them in a different part of the USA or, in Japan.

It is oval and the base measures 3-3/4 inches wide by 2-1/2 inches wide and it is 1-7/8 inch deep. The lid resembles a Japanese slipper or thong. When the lid is on the box, it is 2-1/4 inches high.

This is a lovely piece on it's own or a great way to present a small gift.

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