Vintage Patchwork & Quilting Book
Vintage Patchwork & Quilting Book

Vintage Patchwork & Quilting Book

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This vintage (1977) Better Homes and Gardens in quite fine condition considering it's age and use.

The inside pages are colorful. The instructions (including drawings are mostly black and white. The paper is similar to that of a newspaper, so be careful when reading as such makes the pages less sturdy.

The book should not intimidate first time quilters and there is enough information to track seasoned sewers as well.

It measures about 10-1/4 inches long by 7-3/4 inches wide, with 96 pages.

From the inside of the book:
It is difficult for us today to imagine how valuable and
important small scraps of fabric were to our pioneer
forebears. Ina time when little was discarded, frugal
homemakers saved the best parts of worn clothing and
household items and then artfull stitched them into
beautiful, warm quilts. That's how the truly American
craft of patchwork was born. If you'd like to try your
hand at this heritage craft, our book will guide you
stitch by stitch, through a collection of interesting and
useful projects for your home. that will make patchwork
come alive for you.

Patchwork - A Practical and Creative Craft
Not all patchwork is complex and
time consuming. There are some attractive
patterns that even first-time
patchworkers can create.

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