Vintage Pin the Tail on the Cat Game
Vintage Pin the Tail on the Cat Game

Vintage Pin the Tail on the Cat Game

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Perfect for parties - Birthday and Hallowe'en! Cut out the nine numbered tails (one for each life) and stick a pin or add a piece of removable tape in the same end of each tail. Place the cat on a sheet hanging in a doorway or against the wall.

Give each player a tail (and be sure they remember their numbers). Blindfold each player in turn, whirl the player around once or twice.

The now-disoriented player must step forward and pin the tail in the first place s/he touches, using only ONE hand.

The winner is the player who placed the tail against the proper place (or closest to it). Be sure to have a booby prize for the one who pinned the tail the furthest away.

Designed for children, this game has proven even more fun for adults! Be sure to use caution while pinning the tails! Children should only play Pin the Tail on the Cat with adult supervision.

These are all original, new old stock. Available as:

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