Vintage Pinback Button from 1896 - Beautiful Woman
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Vintage Pinback Button from 1896 - Beautiful Woman

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Vintage cigarette pin-backs were once all the rage - from the late 1800s through the early 1900s. These special pins are from 1896! Imagine!

The Sweet Caporal Cigarette company produced many of them and was most famous for their wonderful Baseball Collector Pins - many of those are worth upwards of $500 today.

This little pin was a give-away from Sweet Caporal and features one of the major Victorian Leading Ladies of the Day. Each one is a different star and her name is written under her likeness, sometimes very lightly. As you can see from the photographs of several of these, some of the images are more detailed than the others. All are quite nice.

And, on most of them, the back holds information regarding the cigarettes and the pin maker:


These might be fun for an assemblage or collage or even a special assemblage jewelry project.

The face of the pin is around 7/8 inch in diameter. The pin itself may protrude a bit from the back - because you were expected to put this on your lapel, we suppose. Be sure to check your pin if you choose to wear it, as there is some aging and rust.

The front is made of celluloid. Celluloid is an early natural composition made from camphor and nitrocellulose, from plants. The front of the pins show varying degrees of slight wear. But all in all, each is in good condition.

New! Choose your favorite pin. Each pin is priced according to the condition of both the front and back.

We never clean vintage and antique items so as to not destroy their value.

Not for children.

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