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Vintage Pink Embroidered Mon Amour Applique

Vintage Pink Embroidered Mon Amour Applique

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Made in USA


Vintage Item, Limited Availability
Oh what a lovely new old treasure we found!

This darling embroidery features the words, Mon Amour punctuated with a heart exclamation point, in a sweet pink color. For those that do not know, Mon Amour is French for My Love. What a lovely phrase that is.

Each embroidery comes on a base piece of muslin which was hand-cut in preparation for use in the sewing factory. Due to this hand-cutting, the base pieces vary in size and shape. Also, the edges vary in degrees of degradation. 

The embroidered part is the same, measuring about 4-1/8 inches wide and 3/4 inch high. 

We are showing an example of one of the appliques. Please let us choose one for you.

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