Vintage Plastic Butterfly Mask
Vintage Plastic Butterfly Mask

Vintage Plastic Butterfly Mask

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How enchanting you will look when wearing this mask.

Whether you prefer to party at Hallowe'en or during Mardi Gras (and of course partying for both), this mask is perfect for the occasion. Our old stock vintage mask comes ready to wear with original elastic cord. We have not tested the cords for strength and condition to preserve the authenticity of this item, so they may need replaced if you are to wear the mask.

The mask itself is shaped similar to a butterfly and beautifully adorned with gold highlights and green designs. The gold and green areas are elegantly embossed as well. The eye holes are bordered with black to further add to the mystique of the wearer.

The mask measures 4-1/2 inches high by 8-1/4 inches wide.

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