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Vintage Playmate Premium Beer Label

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* Unknown Origin, Probably Made in USA
* Vintage Item, Limited Availability
Back in 1967, the Sunshine Brewing Co. of  Reading, PA (according to our research department), was sued for copyright infringement by Playboy Enterprises because they named it Playmate. After losing the case (pun intended), the brewery was forced to destroy any and all merchandise, promotional materials, etc. bearing the name Playmate. Because of this, there is a very limited supply of Playmate Beer related items still in existence today. Luckily, we were able to procure these unused beer bottle labels. 

These beautiful labels feature a set of smiling pinkish-red glossy lips below a single eye that looks ready to hit the town after a recent makeover. 

The label measures 3 inches by 3-3/8 inches wide.

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