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Vintage Pressman Blue and White BINGO Card

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* Made in USA

Founded in 1922, the Pressman Toy Corp. still has a Pressman at the head of the company. With contemporary and classic games as well as unique and special ones, the company has long been known for their quality and care.

These vintage BINGO cards hail from the mid-20th century. The address of the company is New York, N.Y. (with periods), which gives away the date.

They are made of white-coated cardboard and printed with blue ink. Each card measures 6-1/4 inches high by 3-13/16 inches wide. The number of the card (which manages the matrix) is listed in the lower right block. These are great shape for their age, but there is some wear and discoloration.

We're showing several cards for illustration.

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