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Vintage Pumpkin & Scarecrow Hallowe'en Gummed Seals - Package of 3

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This vintage sticker was produced in the 1930s or 1940s. We believe it to be made by the Dennison Company, but we cannot verify that. Each is very well die-cut with gorgeous printed color which really appears to have been lithographed.

We've packaged them in groups of 3 for your collection or for your crafting. Each sticker measures 1-3/8 inch high by 1-1/4 inch wide.

Because the adhesive on the back is as vintage as the pieces themselves, we recommend that you moisten them with a sponge or cloth. Or, use archival glue or paste instead of the vintage adhesive.

Our illustration only shows 2 of the 3 seals in a package.

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