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Vintage Red Dennison Paper Streamer

Vintage Red Dennison Paper Streamer

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Made in USA


Vintage Item, Limited Availability

Originally meant for celebrating New Year's Eve and other exciting party times, these streamers were undone at the adhesive and thrown in the air. We love these for crafts and artwork - just look at the patina and fading along the edges. Artisans spend hours trying to faux-fade things to such patinas!

This measures 1/2 inch thick and the paper is quite fine. We're not quite sure how long each piece is, but we are quite sure that it is very long. We've not unrolled one and measured. These are so rare that there is little even written about them.

The labels vary as these were an expendable item, rarely kept past the party. They were usually sold in bunches of 8 or 10 that were then distributed to party-goers for throwing throughout the evening. So your label may vary.

We're showing you 2 complete streamers on the bottom and one partial streamer that has been opened on the top so that you might see it unraveled.

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