Vintage Red Glass Heart with Flat Foil Back
In the Sun

Vintage Red Glass Heart with Flat Foil Back

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* Made in West Germany
* Vintage Item, Limited Availability
What a splendid component this is! The heart of glass is a deep red that is dazzling in the sunlight. The shaping is superb. The heart is very well defined and rounded in just the right spots. The glass refracts so nicely. The top is curved nicely and the back is flat and finished in gold foil.

Materials were labeled West Germany or Western Germany from 1946 through 1990. These are on the older end of the time frame, probably made in the 1950s.

We think the older glass components are more brilliant - or perhaps that become that way as they age! We love these vintage glass hearts. Each one measures 7/16 inch by  3/8 inch.

They are flat-backed with gold foil and the front is smooth rather than faceted. These can be sewn or, more easily, glued on to your project.

We are showing several so that you might see the front and back. You may be able to remove the gold backing, but we have not tried to do this.

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