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Vintage Red Wood Pulp Squares - Package of 10

Vintage Red Wood Pulp Squares - Package of 10

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Vintage Item, Limited Availability

We found these squares in the recesses of an old fashioned craft and convenience store in Western Pennsylvania some time ago. These were used in a variety of applications, according to the store clerk who had worked behind the wooden counter almost the entire time the store was open. However, she could not remember what any of those applications were. So, maybe you can find your own uses.

A customer of ours told us that she used these years ago to make artificial flowers - especially roses by bending and molding them!

These 3-1/4 inch square pieces of wood-pulp fiber are not really paper, nor are they fabric. They have a spongy feel and are quite strong, but can be torn if manipulated too harshly. Every one of these is red, but some show signs of aging and fading. Others have a sandy feel to part of them. But, they are a lot of fun.

For one thing, the pulp is flexible. It feels a bit spongy and is malleable and can be stretched gently around spherical shapes. Some glues darken the pulp, so be careful and experiment before making a large commitment in using these. The color may come off on your hands, and it may we think that has something to do with the weather. So, be careful when using these.

We promise that you'll be intrigued as much as we were!

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