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Vintage Scrab-o-Gram Slide Puzzle

Vintage Scrab-o-Gram Slide Puzzle

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You are going to love our latest Estate Sale find!

Like us, you have probably done many slide puzzles in your life. Usually, you have to arrange the tiles so as to make a picture. Sometimes, they have even involved getting the tiles into numerical order.

Now, this puzzle is something different. Each tile has a letter and a number. The number serves to add to your score, and it was known to be a pocket Scrabble style game. The object is to try to make the highest scoring words that you can one line at a time. Adding a timer would make it even more challenging and fun to play against yourself or your friends.

We have not attempted this but you may be able to remove tiles and use them in your next collage or assemblage, too. This has been a popular toy/game for someone as you can see from the photo.

As always, we have not attempted to clean this little puzzle, so as to alter it's intrinsic vintage quality. We do know that someone played a lot, as you can see from the patina only seen by use.

We know this to have been produced in the early 1960s, and maybe even earlier, by Archer Plastics of New York City.

It measures 5-1/16 inches tall by 2-15/16 inches wide.

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