Vintage Sepia Education Filmstrip Frame
Vintage Sepia Education Filmstrip Frame

Vintage Sepia Education Filmstrip Frame

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These rare old filmstrip frames are mostly religious or moral in subject matter, but the images on them range from caricatures, to all text, people, animals and sights and scenes.

Back in the 1940s through the 1960s (and rarely in the 1980s), the filmstrip was a common form of instruction - all the rage. It was a fast and portable way of speaking with a slide show. Some filmstrips even arrived with a 33-1/3 long playing vinyl record album to accompany the presentation. Most of these were produced by either Cathedral Films, The America Bible Society, Augsburg Publishing, Interlock Publishing or Family Filmstrips.

Although each of these filmstrip frame is different, making them perfect for your artwork - especially collage, assemblage and shrine design. The frames look like individual slides (without being matted). You might even choose to frame one with a white background for a special look. The frames look like individual slides (without being matted).

Each frame is about the size of a 35mm negative or slide. The actual images are a bit smaller at 25mm wide by about 20mm high. The full strips have dark leader and trailer on each strip (no image).  These individual frames are only cut from the display part of the film. 

The frame's subject and case may vary. We're showing you several frames for illustration, Please allow for some variation.

This listing is for 1 frame, not the entire strip.

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