Vintage Slim Silver Angel Hair Bullion
Vintage Slim Silver Angel Hair Bullion

Vintage Slim Silver Angel Hair Bullion

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* Made in Germany
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If you love krausbouillion, you'll adore this super fine old silver bullion - and it's vintage as well! From the mid-20th century or earlier, our lovely silver tinsel can be used to decorate your finer ornaments, or sew or embroider it and make your very own passementerie!

You may find some newer bouillon that is similar, but there is nothing like the original. We like the artisanship and quality of the old stuff much more.

You'll love that this real metal bullion tarnishes slightly with age if left to the open air - it will make your creations even that more precious for its patina.

It's diameter is a bit less that 1mm and your bullion arrives in a generous package weighing a generous 11 to 13 grams. The close-up photo is just that. In it, the angel hair looks much larger.

You can pull it just like our other crinkle wires, but this one is ever so smooth and slippery. Once it is pulled and lengthened, the crinkly wire is so very fine and delicate and it truly becomes angel hair.

Please be careful, or it will break easily once stretched. It will wrap nicely around your project with care.

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