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Vintage Smiling Krampus Die Cut & Embossed Chromolithograph Scrap

Vintage Smiling Krampus Die Cut & Embossed Chromolithograph Scrap

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Made in Austria


Vintage Item, Limited Availability

We have long been enchanted by scraps and die cuts - especially the vintage ones. And, of course, many are hard to find - especially those of the Krampus Devil**. Known for his connection with Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas, the Krampus delivered negative rewards to those who made the naughty list.

This extremely rare and striking scrap was created in the early to mid 20th century by the Heller Company, who produced gorgeous pieces in Austria. We guess that this fellow must have discovered something naughty!

He measures approximately  3-1/4 inches high by 1-3/4 inch wide.

From SilverCrow's More Info Page:

Devils and diablos are most often associated with Hallowe'en, but the Krampus Devil is a companion to Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus). Together they visited the children of Austria and Germany at Christmastime. While St. Nick rewarded the good children with candy and fruit and tiny treasures, the Krampus left switches fro the less well-behaved so that their parents might spank them!

For those children considered beyond repair, worse was in store from the Krampus: they might be shackled or perhaps even snatched up by the Krampus and trotted off to hell! This unkindly fellow is not present in modern American celebrations of the Yuletide. However, there are some families that have brought other dark old Christmas traditions from their European heritage lands that are similar to the story of our quintessential bogie man - the Krampus. Because of his kidnapping predication for bad children, he is most often represented by a devil-like figure - but he is never 100% scary. He often exhibits comical traits as well as frightening ones. In any case, he will encourage children to be nice rather than naughty - that's for sure!

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