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Vintage Swiss Watch Parts Vial (empty or full)

Vintage Swiss Watch Parts Vial (empty or full)

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Made in Switzerland


Vintage Item - Limited Availability
Bergeon is an old Swiss company that makes microtools for watch making and watch repair, amongst other things. We are delighted to offer these really neat tubes that originally held flat an hollowed-out rollers for watches.

Some of the vials still contain some of the parts. Mostly every one of these tubes contain at least one Swiss-made roller for watches - the roller is a teeny tiny part. The tubes are some type of hard plastic. We at first thought them to be glass, but we're not sure - and we didn't want to ruin one by breaking it. The vial measures 1 inch (without the cork). Each vial is closed with the cork.

The outside diameter of the vial is 1/4 inch. Each one reads in white letters:


And, under the name is a number that corresponds to the size of the rollers inside. We have no idea if the items inside are the originals in each vial, but we're guessing so as we bought these from a watchmaker's estate.

Generally such talented artisans would be neat about maintaining their supplies and tools. Each vial is numbered differently, so please let us choose one for you.

We're showing several vials for illustration only.

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