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Vintage Varnished Blackface Photograph (Insensitive Photograph for Collectors)

Vintage Varnished Blackface Photograph (Insensitive Photograph for Collectors)

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Disclaimer:  This is a vintage photo of what we consider to be an insensitive event. While we do not condone the actions taken in the past that precipitated the photograph, just like any vintage item found on our site, it is a part of the shameful social history of the past. We would never, under any circumstances, want to offend our customers and their friends and family - even by accident.

What an interesting find this is! A vintage photo of what appears to be a Vaudeville-style show from the early 20th Century. We do not know anything about the image other than what you can see in it. We found it at an estate sale of a rather elderly woman, who was born in the early 1920s. Locked away with other treasures, keepsakes, and uniquities in her attic at the time of her death.

The photograph itself has a varnish that gives it a slight sheen, but is not very evident unless looking at it up close. It also does not seem to be of a sepia tone, but rather black and white. 

There is some foxing on the edges of the paper, but other than that it seems to be in relatively good shape. The paper seems to be of a fairly high quality but we are not experts on the photography of the era, nor the paper that was used to say anymore than that. 

It measures 8-1/8 inch high by 10 inches wide.

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