Vintage Victorian-Style Man in the Moon Card<br>    Moving Eyes & Background
Man In the Moon Card

Vintage Victorian-Style Man in the Moon Card
    Moving Eyes & Background

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 The sweet moon is surrounded by angels, cherubs hearts and clouds on this fine vintage card.

The card does not open, but on the back, you'll find the traditional to/from and lots of room to write a message.

Move the tab on the back of the card sideways (left to right) to see the eyes move slightly.
Turn the wheel on the side for a moving-heart effect.

The sentiment:

My Love
You are the sunshine of my heart
Your heart may wander here and there,
My eyes are on it everywhere,
They simply couldn't move without it
Just try them dear, if you doubt it.

From the now closed, B. Shackman & Co. Novelty Company. Such pieces are treasured and collected. What a special card any time of year. Although the card isn't really meant as a valentine, it certainly could be.

  • Height: 4-1/2 inches
  • Width: 5 inches

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