Vintage White Piano Key Veneer
Vintage White Piano Key Veneer

Vintage White Piano Key Veneer

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When SilverCrow moved in, we were "lucky" enough to find a large broken upright piano. We had no additional "luck" trying to get it fixed. There was just no hope.

So, clever that we are, and unwilling to waste things, we were able to salvage the veneers from the broken white keys. We found these fantastic for steampunk and other avant garde jewelry and assemblage. We have a bit left and are offering it to our customers after having been asked by so many of our colleagues near by.

Other parts were reused as well, but all have been distributed to recyclers and other artisans.

After we saved as much as we could, we again were lucky enough to find a sledgehammer and some volunteers. We know this is sad, but there just wasn't any hope - really.

So, here are parts of the white keys. We are not sure of the composition, but we believe the veneers to be of some kind of natural material. Some still have parts of the wooden backs on them, too. They vary in patina, markings and pigmentation pattern.

We never clean vintage and antique items as we do not want to affect the value. And, we loved the way they look in our own creations - just as is. If you must, we suggest cleaning them with a soft cloth and a mild soap, without immersing them fully as we are unsure of the composition.

We offer them as (all measurements are approximate):
      • 1 Intact (unbroken) key bottom
        - Rounded bottom corners
        - 1-7/8 inch by 7/8 inch

      • 1 Long Fragment (size varies)
        - 2 inches by 1/2 inches (some smaller, some larger)

      • Package of 3+ small broken pieces
        - Miscellaneous sizes and shapes

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