Vintage White Swan Park Ticket
Vintage White Swan Park Ticket

Vintage White Swan Park Ticket

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Old tickets are so much fun! They're great for assemblage, card-making, even to use for tickets (imagine that!!!)

These great old tickets are for a special event at a wonderful old family-owned amusement park (nope, not a theme park) in Western Pennsylvania - not too far from SilverCrow.

At one time there were many of these small parks around - people didn't drive as far for a day of fun or fly, for goodness' sake! Now there are still two left - Kennywood and Idlewild Park (with Storybook Forest, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood & More).

On each ticket, there is a sequenced number and the rest of the ticket reads,

Airport Parkway - PGH., PA.
Good for All Amusements
Not Redeemable
Not Good
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

Globe Ticket Company, Phila.

These tickets are quite collectable in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area because there were so many kids (who are now much older) with so many wonderful memories there.

Each ticket measures 1 inch by 2 inches.

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