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Vintage Zinc (?) Numbered Tag

Vintage Zinc (?) Numbered Tag

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Made in USA


Vintage Item - Limited Availability
These are really old and might not even be zinc. In fact, we've been arguing about their metal content for so long that we didn't list them as a viable item. But, finally, short of purchasing expensive metal testing equipment, we thought we'd list them anyway! Each tag measures 1-1/4 inch in diameter with a large hole at the top. a few of the tags are not complete circles, but this makes them even more unique.

The tags are all marked with different numbers, and read: JAHCO at the bottom. We were unable to find anything about a company or organization with that name, so you can make up your own history for the tags, if you like! We're not sure of their origin, but we are sure that they are quite perfect for your steampunk application.

We're showing a group of the tags for variation. Please let us choose one for you.

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