VooDoo Baby™ Melenco
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VooDoo Baby™ Melenco

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Melenco reverses your sadness to calm and transfers the negative feelings to positive resolutions. Give or take one for good company in the face of uncertainty. Melenco measures 2-1/2 inches high and about 1-1/2 inch wide.

Each VooDoo Baby is hand-writhed from a single string of cotton thread. Amazingly, there is no wire inside the doll to support the structure. The creation of each VooDoo Baby takes not only excellent artisanship, but also a great deal of attention, patience and care. They are an expression of imagination, creativity and appreciation and are not for real and possess no curse effect whatsoever - but wouldn't it be nice if they could?

Two Melencos are shown for illustration only.

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