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Wassily Kandinsky Fine Art Stickers

Wassily Kandinsky Fine Art Stickers

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After his formative experimentation with Art Nouveau and Fauvism, Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) developed a highly original style of his own. His widely exhibited works exercised a profound influence on other artists of the early 20th century, expanding the Russian-born painter's renown as a pioneer of abstract art.

This colorful collection of sticker art reproduces sixteen of Kandinsky's most striking images:

  • On White
  • Subdued Glow
  • Painting within a Painting
  • Untitled (3)
  • Horizontals
  • Checkered
  • Red Oval
  • Central Line
  • Bright Lucidity
  • Between the Two of Us
  • Composition VIII
  • Hot
  • Composition X
  • Multicolored Circle

An eye-catching way to enhance stationery and other flat surfaces, these impressive reproductions will delight admirers of Kandinsky and lovers of Modern art.

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